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June 23: Taiwan Palestine Solidarity March
Refuse to be complicit in genocide, embargo on weapon components now!

Host: For Peace Taiwan

Time: 1330 - 1730

Rally point: Liberty Square (No. 21, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City)


Demand fo the March

1. Legislators should uphold Taiwan's human rights values by ceasing to facilitate connections between arms manufacturers and Taiwanese companies. Legislators should actively engage in human rights and humanitarian advocacy with the Israeli government and parliament within the Taiwan-Israel Congressional Association.

Legislators may withdraw from or oppose the "Taiwan-Israel Congressional Association" to express their stance.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should cease its provision of resources to Israel, and provide humanitarian assistance to Palestine, including essential aid such as food, medical supplies, and education.

3. The Ministry of Economic Affairs should publicly disclose trade records related to the manufacturing of military equipment for Israel. Provision of funds, raw materials, components, key technologies, and personnel for the manufacturing of Israeli military equipment shall be prohibited.

Additionally, it should cease cooperation with Israeli arms dealers in the development of weapons.

4. The Taiwanese government shall adhere to the principles of transitional justice and uphold the core values of human rights, ensuring that Taiwan does not become embroiled in this ongoing genocide.