About the Association

The Taiwan Rebels Culture Movement (hereafter referred as Taiwan Rebels) was established in March 2021. The core members of Taiwan Rebels are experienced NGO professionals, who are also the shareholders in an independent bookstore Touat Books. Touat Books, founded in 2016, is a social movement-themed bookstore, which supports activism and seeks to foster the Taiwanese NGO community through reading and critical thinking. Our mission is to deepen Taiwan’s democracy, empower civil society organizations, and establish a progressive and inclusive open society in Taiwan. We aim to support and empower NGO workers in their careers through capacity-building courses, experience sharing, consensus building, and peer learning. Our vision is to develop Taiwan Rebels as a collaborative platform and resource center to support the sustainable development of advocacy organizations.

Strengthen Taiwan's NGOs: Your Donation Fuels Democracy and Human Rights

Since the lifting of martial law in 1987, Taiwan's vibrant civil society has emerged as a driving force behind democratization and human rights advancements. With nearly 70,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Taiwan boasts a robust network of grassroots organizations, many of which play a crucial role in promoting human rights, environmental justice, labor rights, women's empowerment, gender equality, indigenous rights, digital rights, and international relief efforts.

However, these NGOs often face challenges such as insufficient funding, high staff turnover, and manpower shortages, which hinder their ability to effectively fulfill their missions. As a staunch supporter of the public sphere, the "Taiwan Rebels Culture Movement" is committed to empowering Taiwanese NGOs through education, exchange, and research.

Your donation strengthens Taiwan's NGOs, driving progress in democracy and human rights. To make a difference in promoting these vital causes, please consider supporting our work through bank transfer or wire transfer:

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