Feminist Leadership and Mobilization on the Edge

Gender Equality
We support feminism and seek to give rise to new feminist thinking, to design new waves of participating in and changing society. We are concerned with capacity building for marginalized sexual communities in the digital age, to create an ecology that is safe and sustainable where sexuality is concerned. We hope to cultivate leadership that is sexually diverse, productive in multiple domains, and mobile in the digital age. We advocate and take action in a number of fields, to give birth to an island that is diverse when it comes to sexuality.

"Edge" is a perspective, from those identities who have become marginalized by patriarchy, in holding the power to interpret, to create new narratives.

"Female power" is an action plan, to allow feminism to give rise to new innovation, to design and reform means of participation, and change society.

In recent years, we have become especially concerned with the environment for gender/sexuality issues in the digital age, turning our attention to the Internet and fictional world.

We have carried out a number of plans regarding gender/sexuality, including:

● Gender/sexuality leaders: Training upstream social workers, teachers, and young people from sexually marginalized groups

● Innovative Productivity: Integrating feminism into innovative design, cultivating interdisciplinary cooperation, creating narratives, and training talent

● Digital Guerilla Warfare: Keeping pace with digital technologies, developing the capacity for feminist guerilla warfare

In the past, we also began a "digital sexual violence" and "female culture" local knowledge research, holding workshops/talks/exhibitions/markets. Our findings were published/used as educational materials/life goods, and etc., as part of interdisciplinary cooperation, as a means of advocacy and action.

Continuing our care for marginalized female power, the tasks we are currently focused on include Digital Sexual Violence and the Digital Meow program.

[Digital Gender-Based Violence]

Working for the production of knowledge and developing educational resources

As a capacity-building tool for gender/sexuality leaders and troops for digital guerilla warfare!

● Knowledge production: Using interdisciplinary cooperation to deepen our understanding of digital sexual violence in Taiwan

● Developing educational resources: Publishing and creating educational resources, such as handbooks, board games, etc.

● Gender/sexuality Leadership Capacity-building: Training social workers, teachers, and gender/sexuality leadership talent, promoting knowledge of digital gender-based violence, regarding related subjects and technology, and indirectly empowering gender marginalized youth groups.

● Digital Guerilla Warfare: Keeping pace with digital technologies, developing the capacity for feminist guerilla warfare, occupying Internet spaces, and challenging misogynistic and homophobic voices.

[Digital Meow]

Focused on cultivating innovative productivity training and digital guerilla warfare troops!

● Innovative Productivity Training - Developing gender/sexuality conscious creative narrative power, exploring various gender/sexuality issues, considering how to use artistic creation to participate in and change society

● Digital Guerilla Warfare Training - Leaning to use create images for social media, to disseminate perspectives on gender/sexuality

● Social Exchanges - Create networks of gender/sexuality-focused creators, to create channels and a platform for exchanges and sharing

Record book
2019 - 2020
Research and Publication

Established focus groups with volunteers, police, teachers, lawyers, therapists, and other partners. This allowed for discussion of the particularities of sexual violence in Taiwan, resulting in the publication of the "Understanding Digital Gender-Based Violence" handbook.

2019 - 2022
Female Culture Research

Began the "Always Healthy Female Food Education Institute," "Female Farmer and Food Producer," "Using Good to Find a Road, Wandering Somewhere Sexual Education Class," "Her Heart and Memory Along With Your Dinner Table Language" research plans. This collected more than thirty female life stories, documenting how women pass down local knowledge of local cuisine.

2020 -
Gender/Diversity Capacity Building

In addressing the issue of digital gender-based violence, we worked together with social welfare departments, women's centers, and family education centers in greater Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to train social workers. In greater Taipei, we held capacity building for teachers, in collaboration with schools. We also regularly hold lectures on the prevention of digital gender-based violence in social affairs, campuses, and communities, with more than 100 held to date.

2021 - 2023
Gender/Sexuality Creative Work Capacity Building

Continuing our “Sexual x Graffiti Capacity Building Plan,” “Giving Rise to Practices • Gender/Sexuality Perspectives”, “Body Dialogue” and other workshops, building capacity among participants in terms of how to use experiences regarding gender/sexuality as material for creative works.

Educational Resource Development

Publishing the digital gender-based violence-focused board game, Anti-Monsters Inc.

2021 - 2022
Exhibition Planning and Experiential Education

In collaboration with the Taiwan Women's Center, we continued planning our "Female Farmer and Food Producer" and "Net Zero Taiwan, Female Power Action" exhibitions. We seek to promote female power in the field of agriculture, as well as the passing down of knowledge. "Female Farmer and Food Producer" was invited to tour and exhibit at women's centers in more than 15 towns or outlying islands across Taiwan.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Exchanges

In cooperation with America's National Democratic Institute, invited gender/sexuality-focused groups from the Philippines, Nepal, and Taiwan to hold discussions with Meta's Asia safety center, and to hold exchanges regarding Meta's digital safety policies and issues regarding digital gender-based violence.

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