Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan, HRNTT

International Joint Action
The Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan hopes to become a platform for human rights in Taiwan and Tibet

The Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan (HRNTT)'s members are from different human rights NGOs, including Tibetans and Taiwanese, social workers, college professors, authors, students, legislators, etc. The HRNTT's members have long been concerned with Tibetan issues and each year on 310 Tibetan Uprising Day organize a rally and will step forward when the human rights of Tibetans are encroached upon, to take action in advocacy.

Taiwan already had organizations supporting Tibetans and of Tibetans in Taiwan, aiming to advocate for Tibetans. On this basis, we established an organization to coordinate Tibetans and Taiwanese on human rights issues, to promote Tibetan and Taiwanese human rights.

Outside of the 310 Tibetan Uprising Day commemoration, we hope that through international exchanges, supportive activities, and website documentation of those who have self-immolated, and Lhakar Night, an important event for Tibetans.

This serves not just as a voice for Tibetan human rights. Rather, this can be a voice for human rights globally, such as in Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, and Myanmar.

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