929 Taiwan-Hong Kong Grand March

Five Demands, Not One Less; Hong Kong and Taiwan Students, Rise and Fall Together; Asylum Mechanism, No Time to Lose

Event description

On the eve of China's National Day, a global "Anti-Authoritarian Rally" was initiated by 24 countries and 65 cities to express support for the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement. In Taiwan, simultaneous "929 Taiwan-Hong Kong Rally ─ Support Hong Kong, Anti-Authoritarian" events were held in Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and other locations, with over 100,000 people participating. In Hong Kong, clashes between police and protesters ensued. Hong Kong police fired a total of 328 tear gas canisters, 306 rubber bullets, 95 bean bag rounds, and 79 sponge grenades, leading to the arrest of 146 individuals. The conflicts and violent incidents during the march highlighted the complexity and sensitivity of the political environment then.

In Taiwan, the events were organized by organizations such as the Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy and the Taiwan Citizen Front. The marches took place simultaneously in Taipei, Tainan, and Kaohsiung at 3 p.m. Despite heavy rain in Taipei, it did not dampen the participants' enthusiasm. However, Hong Kong artist Denise Ho, who participated in the Taipei event, was targeted by pro-Beijing individuals who splashed red paint on her, sparking political debates among politicians. The anti-authoritarian marches in Taipei and Tainan collectively drew over 100,000 participants.

In Hong Kong, the global anti-authoritarian rally began at 3 p.m., marching from Causeway Bay Sogo Department Store to the government headquarters in Admiralty. Tensions between police and protesters escalated, with the police firing multiple rounds of tear gas and using pepper spray on Legislative Council member Eddie Chu Hoi-dick. A female Indonesian journalist, Veby Mega Indah, was hit in the right eye by a rubber bullet and may face partial or total blindness. Throughout the day, conflicts persisted, and the police deployed 328 tear gas canisters, 306 rubber bullets, 95 bean bag rounds, and 79 sponge grenades, leading to the arrest of 146 individuals.


This march highlighted the international support for the Hong Kong democracy movement, and Taiwan's large-scale response demonstrated a shared commitment to democratic values. It may also influence the Taiwanese government's stance on Hong Kong issues, making it more clearly defined. For participants in the march and those who witnessed the anti-extradition movement, this event in Taiwan became a tangible opportunity for engagement. It has inspired many to deepen their understanding of the Chinese regime and remain vigilant against authoritarianism.

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