The first Gongsheng Music Festival


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The Gongsheng Music Festival originated and evolved from activities commemorating the February 28th Massacre, and then grew into a sustainable organization. Its distinctive feature is the emphasis on young people autonomously showcasing the creativity and vitality of a new generation. Each year's music festival features different themes, including "Youth Overcoming the Future," "No Such Person," "Time is Gold," and "Blank and Fill" among others. It not only takes the form of a music festival but also includes on-campus screenings of February 28th Massacre-related films, panel discussions, historical landscape tours, and various types of activities, expanding its presence into a year-round platform for awareness and care.

The name Gongsheng (Coexistence) represents the memory of the February 28th Massacre and the South African concept of "ubuntu," meaning "treat others with kindness." It aims to reflect on past conflicts and hatred, recognize the diverse and complex truth, promote understanding and coexistence among ethnic groups, and serve as the foundation for transitional justice. Initiated by the youth, the festival pays homage to history through its activities and continues the ideals of those who have gone before.

In addition to being held in Liberty Square and Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei, the Gongsheng Music Festival also conducts panel discussions, tours, and connections in counties and cities outside Taipei. On the day of the festival, various singers and bands of different languages and styles are invited to perform. The festival also hosts a "Living Library" where relatives of February 28th Massacre victims narrate history, leading the audience into the events and encouraging reflection. The venue often invites advocacy organizations to set up booths for exchanging ideas, making it an annual civic movement event.


Gongsheng Music Festival has opened up more diverse forms of discussion on the February 28th Massacre and the history of the White Terror, providing the young community with a broader channel to engage in transitional justice.

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