Association of Parent Participating Education in Taiwan

Human Rights and Democracy Reinforcement
The Association of Parent Participating Education in Taiwan (APPET) has spent a long period of time trying to advocate that children should not be beaten or scolded, threatened or scared, as part of their education. This is to call for the implementation of children's rights, and to protect children's dignity in their development. We learn from our children together, we participate in various social issues, and believe that through action in everyday life, we can reduce the discrimination that society has toward disprivileged children, to allow there to be more recognition and respect in society.

APPET has been established for eleven years. We strive to promote education that does not involve beating or scolding children, to realize children's rights, and to protect the dignity of children as they grow.

In these eleven years, we have established a platform for parent-child learning in Taiwan, and enhanced the educational knowledge of parents and primary caregivers in the family, to allow for emotional support. We hope to expand parent-child learning, to allow for more learning about democracy, respect for human rights, and showing care for others, and protecting the environment. This can be a way for parents and children to learn from each other, as an aim to be realized both at home and outside.

We believe that through understanding, as well as action in everyday life, the discrimination, restrictions, and ways in which we try to control each other's actions can be lessened. Through hard work, the unclear outline of children in society can be made more clear, and children's rights can be recognized and valued by society.

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