Tainan Sprout

Human Rights and Democracy Reinforcement
Tainan is not just a tourist site and Tainan people don't only care about food! Tainan is Taiwan's oldest city and is one of the places where the democracy movement rose from, and so since ancient times, Tainan has had a very strong civil society. The Tainan Sprout was planted by our forebears, so planting seeds with the residents of the city can let civil society sprout.

In 2016, a child of Tainan who was educated and worked in Taipei returned to her hometown and encountered the Meinong Earthquake in Kaohsiung. At the time, on Facebook, she formed a "Help Tainan Volunteer Group" on Facebook, to help spread accurate information and coordinate supply distribution. She was quite moved, finding that the volunteers came from all over, and supported different political parties, but had the same concern for their hometown.

In the latter half of that year, she connected with a group of young people, from students, NGO workers, scholars of history and literature, and political workers who were very passionate about public affairs in their hometown. This led to the establishment of the Tainan Sprout. They hoped that through their differing specializations, they could bring their different experiences and perspectives to jointly promote civic participation in Tainan.

Tainan had a deep history of civic participation. For example, Tainan has many cultural and historical societies that aim to excavate and preserve the history of their hometown. But Tainan lacks groups that are directly focused on politics and social issues. As such, the Tainan Sprout seeks to provide oversight over the city council, through organizing policy materials, meeting reports, and data, to allow city residents to provide oversight over the city government and council.

So after the formation of the Tainan Sprout, there has been the organizing of reading groups, talks, and oversight workshops regarding the city council, the "Tainan Sprout Annual Forum” for Tainan municipal issue and local human rights guided tours. During election season, we also organize "Ask the Tainan legislators?", "Ask the Tainan mayor?", and other activities. Not only that, but Tainan Sprout also participates in various social issues, such as demonstrations in support of Hong Kong, and the Tainan Rainbow parade, and focuses on issues such as the preservation of the Old Tainan Fish Market, Optoelectronics development, national land planning, and others.

Record book
Establishment of the Tainan Sprout

Establishment of the Tainan Sprout

Publication of the "2nd Tainan City Councillor Observation Report"

In 2018, we released the Report to help Tainan citizens understand councilors' priorities.

"Anti-Authoritarianism, I Support Hong Kong in Tainan" March

On September 19, we held the March with over 2,000 participants demonstrating the solidarity between Taiwan and Hong Kong in their shared pursuit of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Tainan's Administrative Restructuring 10th Anniversary Forum

The Forum was held in 2021 to discuss the city's development over the past decade and its future prospects, engaging with citizens in discussions on livable cities, cultural heritage preservation, and the development of local NGOs.

Forum on Advancing Transitional Justice in Tainan

Tainan's history of group conflicts and unaddressed human rights abuses prompted this Forum. Using deliberative democracy, we aimed to deepen citizen participation and root local transitional justice efforts.

Launch of the Tainan City Council Observatory

The website offers a digital platform for citizens to explore council member interpellations, fostering informed discussions and a stronger civil society.

Associated Events
Founding Ceremony of Tainan Sprout in 2016
Initiating a protest to demand the preservation of the fish market.
Information Literacy Seed Teacher Training Workshop 2023
Ill-gotten KMT Assets Walkabout in Moatau with National Tseng-Wen Agricultural & Industrial High School Students in 2023
Participation in 2018 Tainan Rainbow Parade