Taiwan Association for Human Rights - Salon (Taipei)

Stories Must Be Told Continuously

The values that many Taiwanese people are proud of, such as same-sex marriage, freedom of speech, and democratic elections, have been realized in Taiwan thanks to the efforts of many civil society organizations over the years. These organizations have courageously challenged the system and worked to transform values into concrete policies and practices.

NGOs in Taiwan

We feature dozens of advocacy organizations that are actively working on various issues in Taiwan, including human rights, democracy, gender, environment, and economy. Here showcase their significant contributions and achievements, and provides quick links to their official websites and social media platforms for you to stay up-to-date with their latest news.


Overview of Social Movement

Taiwan's democratic path has been shaped by numerous social movements over the years. Here provide a comprehensive overview of key social movements since the 1990s, helping you to quickly understand the social context and changes of different eras, as well as the subsequent effects of these events. We also offer recommended reference resources for further research.

Scoial Movement Calender

The Social Movement Calendar is a platform that features a selection of events hosted by NGOs in Taiwan each month. These events include lectures, exhibitions, walks, markets, and film screenings. The calendar provides a rich variety of content and opportunities for participants to engage with NGO workers and discuss important issues. If you see an event that interests you, don't hesitate to click on the page and sign up!